Traditional transformation of own-grown crops into jams and marmalades without thickeners, colourings or preservatives


Perché scegliere il Poggio del Picchio 

  1. why choose our products

    Our products are made without thickening agents, coloring agents and preservatives. Are produced from fresh fruit picked at the right stage of ripeness and processed using an innovative process at low temperature concentration that allows you to leave unchanged the organoleptic properties, not to caramelize the sugar while cooking and keep intact the color of the fruit.

  2. Our project

    We chose to plant trees of “ancient fruit of Irpinia” because the native varieties are more resistant to the preservation of biodiversity and the protection of local products.

  3. Only seasonal fruits

    We turn only fresh fruits and vegetables in season, so that the availability of a product is tied to its seasonality.

  4. Lots of fruit, little sugar added

    In our preparations there are very few added sugars, only those needed to make the products storable

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