Our project: preserve Biodiversity

We are proud to cultivate trees of “ancient fruits of Irpinia”, for the preservation of biodiversity and the protection of local products. Moreover, the native varieties are more resistant and require no chemical treatments. 

Our philosophy:follow the rhythm of nature

We transform exclusively strictly selected seasonal fresh fruits, cultivated without pesticides and chemical fertilizers following the rhythms of nature and harvested at the right stage of ripeness.

“We believe that the sun, the soil and the attention that we dedicate to our trees are the reason of our products’ success. Limoncelle apples, quinces, azzeruoli, arbutus, mastantuono pears, if cooked with spices and a little quantity of sugar, can give excellent results especially with the addition of our secret ingredients: a pinch of passion and curiosity to create new tastes and flavors.”

“Tradition and innovation”

Through a handcrafted – but innovative at the same time – process and special recipes we produces more than 100 varieties divided into marmalades, jams and extra jellies. Each of them is a healthy and genuine high-quality preserve, made without any type of thickener, antioxidant, preservative, colouring, flavouring or setting agent.